Motley Works is focused on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to difficult or overlooked problems. We're exploring and building on several ideas now, and hope to have some products you'll delight in soon.

Launched Projects

Buy Me Coffee™

Buy Me Coffee™ eliminates advertisers and data brokers from one's online social network. It shrinks the Internet to a more human level, by asking friends and supporters to "buy" each other coffee as a token of their appreciation. By creating a personal paywall for anyone, Buy Me Coffee™ is making the Internet Great Again™.

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Panda Wands™

Panda Wands™ are all-natural, reusable straws made out of bamboo. Each set comes with 2 large "boba" straws and 2 regular straws, a basic cleaning brush, and a handy canvas sack.

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Panda StiX™

Panda StiX™ is a simple way of protecting your privacy by physically blocking the camera lens on your devices. Each set comes with three stickers and works with most electronic devices that feature small cameras like that on webcams, digital assistants, and smartphones.

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Morti™ was inspired by "Memento Mori," the ancient tradition of being mindful of death so you don't slack off or fail to appreciate the short and limited time you have to do what is important to you.

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TabNudger by Motley Works
by Motley Works

TabNudger is a Chrome Extension that automatically moves the current tab to the very first or last tab position of the Chrome Browser, if a tab is active for 10 seconds.
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We'll be showcasing more projects that are now live here. Otherwise, #stealthy.