Morti was inspired by "Memento Mori"--the ancient idea/tradition of being mindful of death so you don't find yourself resting on your laurels or not appreciating that (for now) you are still alive and can still set out to do what is important to you. We hope Morti will sit on your desk as a daily reminder to keep on working hard on the important things. These days, it is so easy to be distracted, that we forget that we don't have forever on this Earth. And if there's someone you care about who also has dragons to slay, then perhaps Morti can be his or her cheerleader as well.

Product Preview

The sandstone print turned out surprisingly well. Looks great, and it has a good weight and has the texture of bone almost. Sandstone is relatively fragile but is a nice cheaper alternative to the "lux" metal prints. Alternatively, the raw steel print is our favorite material but is more expensive.

Morti products are available at Sculpteo and Shapeways.

For a less succinct, and more dramatic explanation of the concept, see here.

If you're interested in this sort of stuff, check out this epic video here.