Panda Wands™

Panda Wands™ are all-natural, reusable straws made out of bamboo. Each set comes with 2 large "boba" straws and 2 regular straws, a basic cleaning brush, and a handy canvas sack.

We'd be happy if people buy any similar reusable product, including those of our competitors! But we think Panda Wands™ have a few nice features which make us better than most, such as the following:

* Our large straws are specialized for boba. They feature extra width (no boba blockage!) and extra-length (9.1 in.). In addition, these straws are cut at an angle on one end for maximum effectiveness.

* Our straws are 100% natural. Panda Wands™ are NOT constructed with glue and wood pulp like some other "bamboo" products.

* Bamboo straws are more pleasant in the mouth than metal straws. Bamboo is also inherently carbon-sequestering.

* We actually put some effort making our canvas sacks look great. So, Panda Wands™ are gift-ready! (Gold Star for you if you can read the elvish text...)

Panda Wands™ * Last but not least, our Panda is THE CUTEST, and he's lasered (not inked) on all Panda Wands™. Seriously though, Abracapanda!

Peace of mind is priceless. You already have a good conscience going--Now all you need is a set of Panda Wands™! 😉

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